STN membership “Paying it Forward” to support ATCN program growth!

The Society of Trauma nurses is proud to announce the rollout of the new ATCN Fund. This fund has been developed to help offset the costs for inaugural programs in states or countries where ATCN has not been established. The STN Board of Directors has committed 100% of the first year STN membership dues for any ATCN participant that becomes a new STN member to support the ATCN Fund.

ATCN funds will be available on a yearly basis, via a competitive grant process overseen by the ACTN Committee. States or countries interested in starting an ATCN program and applying for ATCN Funds should contact their ATCN Regional Director or the ATCN Committee chair. Additional details on the use of these funds and how to apply will be found on the STN website.

Fund Application

Download the application form

ALL applications must be submitted electronically as an email attachment to either Jan Howard or Mike Glenn. Please contact Jan or Mike to make any alternative submission arrangements. Questions regarding applying for the ATCN Fund should be directed to